This page was last updated Oct 24th, 2022.

The Jazz Standards Collection - Bellevue, Claremont, Jane, Kedwardian, and Peggy

Bellevue, Claremont, Jane, Kedwardian, and Peggy arrived early, and all pre-orders have shipped out! Please note that if your order contains one of these shoes and a shoe from one of the pre-orders below, your order will ship all together when everything in it is available. 

The Prism Collection - Anna May, Millie, and new colorways of Bernadette, Londoner, and Gibson

Anna May, Millie, and new colorways of Bernadette (navy/ivory and burgandy/black) Londoner (green and brown) and Gibson (merlot and navy) are currently available on pre-order with a scheduled delivery estimate to our European warehouse in January 2023.

The Harvest Collection - Larkspur, Rosie, and Schuyler

Larkspur, Rosie, and Schuyler are currently available on pre-order with a scheduled delivery estimate to our European warehouse in February 2023.

The Cute as a Button Collection - Renoir and Manhattan in new 2-tone colorways

New two-toned Renoirs and new Manhattans are currently available on pre-order with a scheduled delivery estimate to our European warehouse in March 2023.

Please note that we do not split-ship orders. All items in an order will ship together once all of the products have come into stock; that means if your order contains a shoe from this pre-order and a shoe from a pre-order arriving later, they'll both ship when the final shoe arrives at our warehouse. For more information about how our pre-orders process works, please read our pre-order information page.

Factors currently affecting pre-order schedules

Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, we have experienced some significant production delays due to the effects of the pandemic on our supply chain. These have included:
  • Protecting the health of everyone involved in the production of your shoes
  • Impacts on our leather suppliers and shoe component supply chain
  • A critical shortage of shipping containers in China for sea freight is causing global transportation issues.
  • Low capacity and availability of air freight to move completed goods to our warehouses. It's currently taking us 3-4 weeks to move products that have previously taken 4-6 days.
  • Critical capacity issues at most major ports are causing delays due to increased consumer demand for almost all tangible goods.
  • Ongoing truck freight issues within the EU due to a driver shortage

We regularly email customers that have opted-into notifications with updates relating to the progress of their pre-orders. If you have opted-out of notification emails then we recommend that you check our Facebook page for the latest updates.

If you have an questions, or need assistance in making adjustments to an existing order, or need to cancel a late order then please contact us!

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